Sep 20, 2013

Call me..Bali 2013 Part 1

Hello to  all kaki travel out there..

Well, basically I found back this blog username and password after godek2 to my notes dlm my new iPhone and was decided to continue what has been started by an x-friend. Anyway, let me share my latest travel for this year of 2013. The fact, on 2011 and 2012 I did a lots of traveling as well from Middle East to Europe, but let me put this way,I'm only gonna update 2013 travel onward only. 

Destination: Bali, Indonesia
Date.         : 12/09/2013 till 17/09/2013
Airlines       : MH 867/MH 866 Boeing    330-800


Our flight from KLIA was at 3am to Denpasar and landed at Ngurah Rai International Airport around 6am roughly. It was nice old airport and they moving on upgrading the airport.

View from the fleet window of one of the mountain at Bali...I bet u can't see it..Lol

The arrival hall was a bit mess since it was one of the  earliest flight on that morning landed and not seen any info counter open for inquiries to get a cab and so on.
 Well, according to a friend of mine, you can get a cab to Kuta (if you stay there) at cost of Rp50,000 per trip or equivalent about Rm15. But likewise, it's hard to find a good and honest cabby driver in such country like that where they going to mark up the price up to Rp150,000 for tourist.So please asked around and u may get as lower as Rp70k at least.
Me and a friend managed to get Rp70k to a non-cabby guy, means he using his own private car to use get business, and not recommended if you think about safety and other stuff. Anyway, we managed to get to the hotel which took us about 15-20mins from the airport.

Hotel : Sayang Maha Mertha,Bali
Cost: 7 days 6nights Rp 1.2million

           Ni view dari balcony bilik 604
    Baekkkk punya pot kalau nak usha          mat salleh 

           Free  Breakfast Continental 
Actually they also provided tea/coffee and also toasted bread. Optional: u may req for orange juice or fruits.

Dah nama pun jantan kannn, maka mcm ni la gaya bilik kalau vacation .. Malas nak kemas sgt...

Overall, accommodation boleh tahan la. Bersih. Bilik yg kitaorg booking tu mmg the cheapest. So no TV, aircond.Yg lain ada. Staff dia friendly. Tapi swimming pool tu aku rasa mcm tak bersih sgt, so aku tak berani ni terjun, tapi aku tgk, member aku tu, rilek je swimming ala2 mcm takde apa2....eeiii..

End of Part 1
To be continued.

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